NEMO Kennislink website launched

In 2016 NEMO launched their new identity with a new iconic mark. Known for the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam, NEMO is also the organisation behind education programs, festivals and the online scientific magazine NEMO Kennislink with over 12.000 articles.

Studio Dumbar was asked to develop a new concept for NEMO Kennislink. We translated the NEMO style to a pleasant-to-read online magazine format for all devices. Articles and themes are now introduced by an editor as they are what differentiates NEMO Kennislink from other online scientific journals. Next to that we improved navigation to allow the millions of unique visitors easier access to all areas on the site as well as the ability to find relevant content whilst finishing an article.
The website was developed in collaboration with De Monsters.

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Questions: Wouter Dirks, online strategy,