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CCTV — The dynamism of modern China

Designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, the CCTV building in Beijing is an icon of 21st century architecture. Studio Dumbar was invited to tender as part an international design competition to create a visual identity, 3D elements and signage for the landmark building. Led by Studio Dumbar’s Shanghai office, the project inspired a series of concepts that have since attracted a great deal of attention, despite not being selected by CCTV.

To better reflect the dynamism of modern China, the CCTV network and the new building, we invested the visual identity with a distinctly modern spirit. We refreshed the existing logotype and transformed the gyroscope symbol into three vibrant dimensions. Interior signage adopted modular sections that reflect the shape and bulk of Koolhaas’s architecture. Exterior graphics were designed to reinforce the building’s dynamic spirit, with illuminated animations tracking across the visible construction grid.