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KPN — The latest chapter in an ongoing success story

As Holland’s leading telecoms and Internet provider, KPN is a household name. Studio Dumbar has been in charge of the visual branding of KPN for over three decades, revitalising its visual identity following several transitions. Evolving into an IP-based company, KPN once again asked Studio Dumbar to renew their visual identity.

The main priority was to create a completely new look equipped for future markets while at the same time recognising the heritage of a brand with 5million customers. Our solution is remarkable. 80% of the new logo stems directly from the old style, adopting its typography, colours and the iconic crown. The change, however, is radical; a truly modern marque that retains the equity of KPN’s heritage. A thorough pre-test involving 5.000 people confirmed that the new logo answers perfectly to the strategic ambitions of KPN.