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Municipality of Maastricht — Modern heraldry for one of Holland’s oldest cities

Birthplace of the European Union and the single currency, Maastricht is a popular tourist destination with a proud history, a rich cultural life that continues to draw on the region’s Burgundian character, and a growing student population. Prompted by a desire to communicate the spirit and ambition of 21st century Maastricht, Studio Dumbar was appointed to design the new visual identity.

Inspired by the city’s coat of arms, the new logo depicts the ‘city virgin’ standing before an upper case ‘M’ holding a red shield with a white 5-pointed star. Drawn in a warm, contemporary manner, her relaxed yet confident posture communicates a modern spirit. Photography plays an important role in the visual identity. Photos of local people holding the famous red shield takes the municipality exactly where it wants to be – in the middle of Maastricht’s citizens.