Dutch Design Awards 2009-2010

Visual Identity, Motion




Dutch Design Awards 2009-2010 — Best in Show

The involvement of Studio Dumbar with the Dutch Design Awards has grown from designing the identity and communication (2006) to being creatively in charge of the whole experience, from the first announcement to the award event (2009, 2010).

The year 2009 was crucial. Studio Dumbar took on the full responsibility for all design and communication, including the entire audiovisual concept and direction of the award show. One of the results is a beloved and very special selection of animations that introduce the different categories/disciplines in the award show. The poetic texts, containing numerous referrals to the Dutch design heritage and heroes, are written by the studio. Wim de Bie, a famous, independent-minded Dutch performer, narrated the texts.

The result is an overall experience of graphics, event design, stage design, live performance, live music and short films that, to us and many others, is felt as the peak of the Dutch Design Awards.