KPN Tower

Visual Identity, Motion

Spatial & Wayfinding



KPN Tower — Pixels on the skyline

For over three decades Studio Dumbar has been in charge of the visual branding of KPN, Holland’s leading telecoms and Internet provider. When KPN chose Rotterdam as the site for a new Renzo Piano-designed office building, we were invited to create an eye-catching design for the façade.

Reflecting the innovative spirit of the KPN brand, Piano’s chose technology as the starting point for his design. To support this theme, we created a grid of 900 lights, evenly spaced across the building’s huge, semi-transparent façade (3600 m2). Functioning like pixels, the lights are used to create low-resolution but nonetheless sophisticated animations that are visible across the water in central Rotterdam. Used by the city to promote events and celebrations, the screen also provides artists with an ideal environmental art ‘canvas’.