Municipality of Leerdam

Visual Identity, Motion

Visual Identity



Municipality of Leerdam — A small city with big plans for the future

Located in the western Netherlands, Leerdam is a relatively small city with a proud history and an international reputation for its glass-arts industry. Keen to promote Leerdam as a forward-thinking city with plenty of modern opportunities, a newly elected city council and Mayor commissioned Studio Dumbar to design a new visual identity.

The new identity features a confident and contemporary typographic language. The city’s proud heritage is represented by stylized coats of arms, including the city arms and those belonging to families that have played an important role in Leerdam’s growth. The identity’s colour palette employs the dominant colours from the coats of arms, achieving a consistently fresh and modern feel. Some applications feature decorative borders, integrating the coats of arms to suggest a timeline from the city’s history to the future.