The secret of corporate startups

The surge in innovative online options in recent years has made boardroom executives of the largest and most powerful companies very nervous. The fear is that six months from now, the company might be swallowed up by a competitor whose existence they did not anticipate, as the Airbnbs of this world have shown. Now’s the time for the established order to take charge…

There is a growing realisation that a business model currently being devised in Silicon Valley, for example, could disrupt the entire market in the not too distant future. Management boards need to anticipate, and even initiate, radical innovation. Of course, that’s easier said than done. It’s almost impossible to achieve the agility required to innovate within the established structure and culture of a large company. Things take too long and ideas lose their edge. An established culture does not allow for the emergence of ‘the new’. DNA cannot be changed. Yes, you can produce an improved version, but not one that is fundamentally different.

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NEMO Kennislink website launched

In 2016 NEMO launched their new identity with a new iconic mark. Known for the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam, NEMO is also the organization behind education programs, festivals and the online magazine NEMO Kennislink. Studio Dumbar was asked to develop a concept for the 3 million unique visitors that frequent the website to read the latest online on science.

4 time award winner

Our Amsterdam Sinfonietta posters have won the Type Directors Award, an If Gold Award and are nominated for the ADCN Awards - we are not complaining. In the meantime our recent identity for NEMO Science Museum has also won an IF Award. So far so good.

New conversational platform for a.s.r.

a.s.r. introduces a new and improved conversational platform. Instead of asking the visitor to navigate through all kinds of company information; the website puts one simple question at the centre: ‘How may I help you’.

Studio Dumbar was asked to develop an online concept that would reflect the motto of a.s.r.: ‘helping by doing’. In close cooperation a.s.r. and Studio Dumbar developed a clean and easy-to-use website revolving around a smart chat bot, the first of its kind in the Netherlands.

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International award for Amsterdam’s slogan

The slogan ‘Open mind, sharp business’ that Studio Dumbar created for Amsterdam has won the international award for best city-marketing slogan in 2016. It was developed by Studio Dumbar together with the new design for Amsterdam’s international B2B marketing.

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Studio Dumbar joins Dept

International design agency Studio Dumbar will become part of Dept. With this move, Dept adds to its services package the highest level of quality in the field of brand identity and design. Studio Dumbar will continue to operate under its own label and management, as a member of Dept’s network of agencies.

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2 red dot awards

The Red Dot jury of experts awarded the Red Dot to Studio Dumbar for two individual projects: Transavia and VBMS identity. In total the judges assessed 6,800 entries from 43 countries live and on site, awarding only the best projects.

Amsterdam Sinfonietta nominated for European design award

The latest Amsterdam Sinfonietta Posters have been nominated by the European Design Awards.

New visual identity for nemo science museum

NEMO Science Museum, housed in the landmark building designed by Renzo Piano, is famous for its innovative, joyful way to make science understandable for children in the age of 6-14. But not everyone knows that NEMO is also responsible for many other initiatives that make science and technology accessible for all generations. NEMO is the organization behind, for instance, education programs, festivals and online magazine Kennislink, the popular information source for students, teachers and many others.

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Transavia visual identity wins adcn lamp

The Transavia identity wins the bronze ADCN lamp in the category Graphic Design. The ADCN award is the most prestigious award in the Netherlands for Advertising and Design.