New office Studio Dumbar Korea

The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal officially launched Studio Dumbar Korea by handing over a Korean road sign to CEO, Tom Dorresteijn. Studio Dumbar was closely involved with designing the new road signage for South-Korea. The event took place at the gate of the historic Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul.

The internationally renowned design and branding agency Studio Dumbar, working for clients like Shell, Nike China, European Central Bank, is now officially established in Seoul, one of the most dynamic and innovative metropolitans in the world. The agency is based in the Netherlands and also has an office in Shanghai.

Over the past five years Studio Dumbar has been active in South-Korea with assignments in both the business and public sector, like the logo for Woongjin and the visual identity and street furniture design for the new city of Unjeong. In 2011 the agency strengthened its presence in Seoul through a cooperation with the Korean branding and design firm Cobliss.