Creatie personality brands issue – Exploring the world of personality brands

A quarterly design and advertising magazine, Creatie celebrates the variety of ‘voices’ in the creative industries by adopting a new guest editor for each issue. When Studio Dumbar CEO Tom Dorresteijn was invited to edit their Autumn 2014 edition he chose Personality Brands as his central theme. In a first for Creatie, Dorresteijn convinced the publishers to relinquish their design duties, allowing Studio Dumbar to create a complete visual statement that truly reflects the magazine’s central theme.

The issue examines the behavior and attributes that differentiate Personality Brands from ‘Professional Brands’. The latter behave in a rational, strategic manner (Microsoft, for example), while Personality Brands (like Apple) behave in a more emotive way – brands that are “in your heart” rather than “in your face”; brands that are “brought to life by design”. As well as defining the theme and content, Tom wrote most of the interviews, while our creatives curated regular features such as ‘New Talent’. Described by the publisher as a “unique masterpiece”, Personality Brands launched with an event in Amsterdam and motion graphics (created by Studio Dumbar), with animated slogans introducing the issue’s main themes.