Zeebelt Theatre – A creative laboratory

Established in 1983 by Gert Dumbar and Abe van der Werff, the Zeebelt Theatre was conceived as a platform for up-and-coming talent and established names from Holland and abroad. Studio Dumbar ‘sponsored’ the theatre by designing its visual identity and a series of campaigns promoting a diverse programme of performances, talks and exhibitions.

Inspired by the opportunity to experiment, we moved away from house styles to create a new and invigorating language using still-life photography. We devised a versatile and cost-effective approach to poster design: a different designer would create a new poster every three months. While each poster retained consistent elements from the Zeebelt identity, changing designers helped to ensure a rich and varied visual style. Each poster was used to advertise three consecutive months; a different visual effect was created every month by overprinting the programme of events using a simple silkscreen process.