TNT Green Office

Spatial & Wayfinding

Spatial & Wayfinding


TNT Green Office — Signing the times

In 2009 TNT opened their new Green Office in Hoofddorp. Designed by Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter, this pioneering project and was heralded upon completion as the most sustainable building in Europe. Commissioned to design the building’s signage system, Studio Dumbar had to consider the guiding principles that characterised its design: sustainability, transparency, and personality.

The signage system we designed employs colour and materials in their simplest form. The signage system suits the spirit of its surrounding, communicating information clearly without being intrusive. The concept of light is integral throughout the building. For example, workspaces are located on the outer edge of the building, with transparent glass walls looking onto the building’s interior. Window graphics were introduced to ensure that people working in the offices enjoy privacy whilst benefiting from the energy and function of natural light.