Pure. Simple. Powerful.

We create meaningful brands. From strategy to reality. We have an innate drive to make outstanding work. Pure. Simple. Powerful.

Our services

Strategy — brand, positioning, governance, naming
Visual identity — overall brand DNA, touch points on all channels
Motion design — animations, socials; brand integration

Client-agency match

Whether we are familiar with your market or if you feel strongly connected with design is not what matters most. The only thing that really matters is that we are both ambitious. Studio Dumbar creates benchmarks for a diversity of clients: business, government, culture or non-profit; btb and btc.

See our work

Xue Jing Lim

Project Manager

Christopher Noort


Benoît Brun


Liza Enebeis

Creative Director

Wouter Dirks

Operations Director | Strategist

Tom Dorresteijn

Strategy Director

Bart Vollebregt


Josephine van Kranendonk

Project Manager

Paul Kempe

Motion Designer

Sander Sturing

Creative Coder

Carolien van Hooijdonk

Project Manager

Merijn van Velsen


Giovanni Zanella

Motion Designer

Erik de Vlaam


Stan Haanappel


Wanwai Shum


Elvin van Dalen

Motion Designer

We create brands that are seen and appreciated. They stand out in the cluttered market-landscape. Internationally, we are one of the most award-winning design agencies. This started in 1977, when Gert Dumbar founded the studio.


Part of Dept

We work in an online context. Studio Dumbar is part of Dept, an international digital network. Dept brings together the best agencies in creativity, technology and data.

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