D&AD Annual 2022
Award submission

D&AD Awards 2022, celebrating its 60th anniversary, embraced a spirit of inclusivity, inviting creatives worldwide to unite and 'be part of more,' sharing their innovative work with the global creative community. For the third year running, Studio Dumbar/DEPT® was asked to create a visual identity encompassing a call for entries, virtual ceremonies, an online annual, and everything in between.

Driven by the desire to reflect the tagline's community-focused tone and celebrate the brand's heritage without indulging in nostalgia, we focused on the basic and important building blocks, starting with typography. Using the recognizable ITC Franklin Gothic as the primary typeface, we introduced dynamic letterforms in motion to infuse energy into the identity, creating an engaging visual experience. From vibrant, gradient-rich visuals for the ceremonies to spacious layouts for the online annual, the identity evolved gracefully along the timeline.

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