Entropy — Radically open, A playful identity for a revolutionary crypto start-up

Interactive Motion Visual identity

Devised to disrupt and improve on the current status quo, Entropy enables its users to interact with their crypto-currencies and other digital assets across any blockchain, at any time. Furthermore, its pioneering protocol allows users to define their own rules and conditions. It is all part of founder Tux Pacific’s plan to bring “radical freedom and openness to the market” – placing community at the heart of everything Entropy does, rather than an exclusive club of financial corporations. While aimed uniquely at crypto-natives and decentralised institutions, Entropy’s custody services will be available to all, regardless of background or net worth. Open source, for open minds.


Entropy is seeking to disrupt the norm and rewrite the rules. It was integral for their visual identity to express this radical spirit – contrary to the conservative identities used by banks and other, more generic digital asset enterprises. Our work focused on communicating the leading principle, ‘radically open’.


The identity’s foundation stone is a logotype set in SKRAPPA (designed by WiseType), the bold attitude of which provides a platform for a creative, radically open visual language. Inspired by Entropy’s ever-changing security code and growing community, we created a custom code that generates expanding, free-moving visual elements. This reflects a desire to create different worlds, without borders. Different codes are used to generate unique logos (both static and motion) and background elements, while images can be imported to create a limitless variety of distinctive visuals. Rich, bright, fearless and whimsical, the colour palette and its gradient applications support notions of diversity and inclusiveness. Entropy’s leading principle ‘Radically open’, forms the core of the visual identity, with its generative, ever-changing visual elements creating new space and interactions.


Playful, inclusive and resolute in its vigour, the identity succeeds in expressing the radical spirit of this pioneering and “truly trustless protocol for decentralised asset custody” (trustless: meaning users no longer have to trust a third party, such as a bank or other intermediary). Delighted with its new identity, Entropy continues to attract investors, fostering growth and momentum ahead of its launch.

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