EUNL — A European logo for the Dutch Presidency of the European Union

Rotating between EU member states every six months, the Presidency of the Council of the European Union takes responsibility for the upper house of the EU’s legislature. Personally selected by the Dutch Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Studio Dumbar-designed identity expresses the 2004 Dutch Presidency whilst giving ‘Europe’ a more modern and appealing look.

By revealing a hidden ‘NL’ in the EU initials we developed a strong, clear identity supporting Holland’s role in Europe and its contribution to European politics. Introducing the year created a solid, square logo while the colours reference the red, white and blue of the national flag, Dutch orange, and EU blue. Proving popular with diplomats, politicians and journalists alike, the versatile identity lent itself to a range of applications including a website and a collection of ‘pin’ badges bearing different stars, a reference to the EU flag. The same logo was used for the 2016 presidency, with some minor changes.