Adidas Futurenatural — A leap forward in the innovation of footwear

Visual identity Motion Print

Bringing together technology and biology, Futurenatural is Adidas’ remarkable innovation in footwear. The shoe is based on foot scans of thousands of athletes worldwide. Offering the seamless design of a one-piece shoe mold, it provides an anatomically perfect fit and acts as an extension of the body. Futurenatural is a technological breakthrough in shoe design.


Because of the nature of the new shoe concept, the design should reflect its technological basis as well as the organic fit and feel of the shoe. Motion design and static applications should be an integral part in the creative development - and neither should take precedent. The objective was to explore the possibilities of an identity in which motion and graphic work together seamlessly. Essential to the approach was the intensive collaboration with the Adidas global design team. The design was developed in short, weekly sprints.


The design of the wordmark ‘Futurenatural’ is characteristic and versatile. It is designed in such a way that it can work well on different sizes and production techniques; from billboards to embroidered versions and to rubber details on the shoe itself. The bespoke typography can be characterised as future-nostalgia driven. For digital purposes, motion versions of the wordmarks are created.
Another striking element are the explorations in motion design; a set of kinetic, excitable and striking shapes. The design of the shapes and the motion mirrors the fluidity and seamlessness of the shoe.


The exploration of Futurenatural’s identity is dynamic, fluid and distinguishing. The design creates an own, specific Futurenatural environment that, nevertheless, has a logical connection to the spirit of the Adidas brand.
Photography credit: Adidas

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