AVROTROS — Revitalising a leading broadcasting brand

Visual identity Motion Print

‘What we share makes us more’ – revitalising a leading broadcasting brand. Operating within the Dutch public broadcasting system (NPO), AVROTROS is a radio and TV broadcaster formed in 2014 following the merger of AVRO (founded 1923) and TROS (founded 1964). AVROTROS is responsible for some of The Netherlands’ most popular shows, including household names on the nation’s top channels. Having identified the need to shake things up and increase the visibility of their brand, AVROTROS devised a forward-thinking strategy and chose Studio Dumbar to design a new visual identity.


The world of broadcasting has changed radically in the digital age. Competition has increased exponentially, while audiences grow more accustomed to enjoying new content across a variety of platforms. Rising to the challenge, AVROTROS defined a new, forward-thinking strategy: What we share makes us more. As producers of top shows, AVROTROS connect creative talent with its audience, and vice versa. This theme of connection – sharing content, bringing people closer – became our guiding principle for the rebrand.


Broadcasting is saturated with a myriad of brands and logos. To stand out, AVROTROS required a creative, contemporary edge; to improve brand visibility across all platforms. Our typographic solution introduced a strong, legible word-mark set entirely in caps (typeface: Midnight by Colophon Foundry). With its arrow-like composition the word-mark we created has the punch and illustrative qualities of a symbol – a dynamic visual character that springs into life when animated. Used in promo spots before and after shows, the word-mark shifts seamlessly, zooming in and out, left and right; pushing out beyond the screen – interacting with the viewer and, in doing so, spotlighting the link between AVROTROS and its content. For the colour palette, we found a combination unique to the industry: our pairing of mint green and dark blue has already proved bold, vibrant, versatile and distinctive.


Launched in October 2020, the new branding has made quite a splash. The strong identity and dynamic motion graphics ensure that now, more than ever before, audiences and broadcasters alike recognise AVROTROS as one of the industry’s leading lights.

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