PostNL — a refreshed identity reflects the driving force behind a household name: innovation

Motion Visual identity

PostNL plays a key role in everyday life, connecting everyone from individuals and small businesses, to multinationals – both in person, and across digital platforms. Always looking for new ways to modernise through innovation, PostNL is widely recognised as a pioneer in the global post/logistics sector. With plans to better reflect this spirit, PostNL invited Studio Dumbar/DEPT® to work on a comprehensive brand refresh.


Considering the scope and ubiquity of PostNL’s brand, the project required a clear objective. We live in an increasingly dynamic world, driven by tech. Internally, PostNL takes great pride in its spirit of innovation, but external comms have never truly expressed this. Our aim: to celebrate PostNL’s role in connecting people, and emphasise its dynamic, innovative spirit. A more digital brand, for a more digital world.


Building on the brand’s equity, we introduced a warmer and more contemporary tone. The number of existing logo variants has been simplified to just one, rendered in orange and white – no additional colours, gradients, or 3D treatments. The result: improved clarity and scalability across everything from phone apps to billboards. Taking its cue from the logo’s outline, a new, colourful ‘post-line’ motif symbolises connection and movement, introducing a sense of dynamism across digital, motion, print and physical touch-points. The new typeface improves clarity – striking a confident, humanistic note – while a refined palette swaps the muted, print-oriented colours of old for brighter, punchier, digital-age hues. A refreshed approach to imagery encompasses warmer, more authentic photography and a new illustration style (in collaboration with Rob en Robin), which adds character to the brand.


Having delivered comprehensive guidelines we continue to work closely with PostNL, to ensure the roll-out continues with consistency, clarity and impact. Applied across print, digital, uniforms, liveries, mailboxes, high street kiosks and more, the refreshed style will have a significant impact on the branding landscape in The Netherlands.

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