Request – The open network for transaction requests

Request is a blockchain foundation that makes decentralized financial applications accessible to the world. It is a platform that will enable people to do any kind of payment from any kind of currency to any other kind of currency, from Bitcoin to Ethereum to Euro’s.

After a two day high-speed version of our positioning process, working together with the Request team, we developed a clear positioning which also become the pay-off: The open network for transaction requests. It became the guiding line in developing the identity and website.

The design reflects the principle of the ‘request’ and the conversion of currencies. The design is contemporary and dynamic, refers to technology, but is clearly distinctive; it makes Request stand out from the crowd. Where the rest of the blockchain industry follows the trend of a diamond or crystal shaped icon, Request is setting the next chapter.

The design marks a point of change in the development of Request. The nature of the people in Request is that they are extremely ambitious but also humble. The new brand design puts a stronger emphasis on the ambitious and self-confident side. It shows a leading brand that is ready to conquer the world.