Rotterdam Partners — A brand designed to build the local economy

Cities around the globe are promoted by organisations dedicated to fostering local economic growth. Launched in January 2014, Rotterdam Partners brought together several independent organisations under one monolithic brand – its aim: to attract investment and create new jobs by promoting the city as an attractive location for businesses, tourists, students and residents.

Studio Dumbar was invited to develop the strategic positioning and design a visual identity that will function as the ‘umbrella’ brand for the organisation’s business-to-business and business-to-consumer divisions.
We designed an identity that expresses the personality of Rotterdam whilst allowing the organisation to communicate with improved efficiency, clarity and visual impact. Almost entirely rebuilt after WW2, Rotterdam is a harbour city known for its no-nonsense mentality: the general attitude is ”Don’t talk… Act!” Today, it’s a cultural hotbed driven by creativity and entrepreneurship: a blend that is expressed in the visual identity’s typographic palette. We also introduced colour coding to identify individual departments within the organisation. Applied across print and digital communications, the identity’s principles have been carried through to the consumer-facing operation: Rotterdam Info.