Utah Jazz 50th season — an expanded motion system celebrates 50 years of Jazz basketball

Visual identity Motion

Since its 1974 launch in New Orleans and its 1979 relocation to Salt Lake City, Utah Jazz has earned its place among the NBA’s most iconic names. Having created an extensive motion identity for the Jazz, Studio Dumbar/DEPT® was invited to continue our collaboration. The task: evolve and expand the motion system to mark their 50th season with style and impact. To achieve this, we developed a vast library of motion resources to be used by the Jazz’s creative team throughout the season.


Working with their in-house team, we began by exploring the Jazz’s visual identity archives – a treasure trove of evolving design styles, logos, typefaces, colour palettes and uniform designs. Whilst ensuring consistency with the overall motion identity, we set out to create a memorable and immersive motion experience. Our aim: engage and inspire Jazz enthusiasts – from players past and present, to fans reveling in the game-day atmosphere and those watching at home.


Driven by the energy of the sport and the rhythms of jazz music, we pushed the creative potential of their motion system to the max, basing our approach on four key pillars. Rhythmic Momentum: kinetic typography inspired by the rhythms and tempos of jazz music. Physical Juxtapositions: the fusion of contrasting objects and materials in a 3D space. Sudden Dimensionality: switching quickly and seamlessly from 2D to 3D for added impact on type and patterns. Continuous Flow: constantly moving patterns reflecting the playful, expressive side of the brand. Following these pillars, we created an extensive collection of attributes, including: reactive 2D typography; metallic 3D patterns; sound-based motion pieces; animated basketballs made of natural materials native to Utah (ice, gold, granite). Noteworthy motion spots include a shifting, pivoting number 50 – its dynamism powered by the different logos and type styles employed by the Jazz over the last five decades.


The motion we created for the 50th season adds an extra dimension of pride and excitement to game days. Of particular note is our ongoing relationship with the team in Utah – an equal exchange of expertise and enthusiasm, built on mutual trust and a shared aspiration to keep pushing the limitless potential of motion.

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