Dutch Police

Visual Identity

Visual Identity


Dutch Police — A beacon that still burns bright

Commissioned in 1992 and launched in 1993, the visual identity created by Studio Dumbar for the Dutch Police Force is a fine example of durable corporate design. A national Police force needs a strong, authoritative image, whilst remaining accessible to law-abiding citizens. One should not change the Police’s identity every other year, so any solution has to be built to last.

The new identity merged the spirit of two previously autonomous police organisations, State and Municipal. A radical departure from the 8-point star associated with police forces worldwide, the new logo quickly became instantly recognisable and twenty years later it continues to endure. A strikingly successful part of the identity is the striped livery designed by Studio Dumbar for all police vehicles. The stripes have won many awards and have been voluntarily adopted by all of The Netherlands’ emergency services, including the Fire Brigade, Ambulance and Rescue Brigade.