a.s.r. — A new conversational platform with chat UI

Interactive Strategy

One of the Netherlands' largest and oldest insurance companies, a.s.r. prides itself on being a fair and dependable partner for its customers. Working closely with a network of independent financial advisors, a.s.r. assess customers’ needs before directing them towards the most appropriate policies and advisors. Seeking a new interactive website, they asked Studio Dumbar/DEPT® to develop an online concept that would reflect their motto: ‘helping by doing’.


a.s.r.’s operational strategy is based on four key principles: treating customers fairly, disciplined underwriting and pricing, cost control, and maintaining a solid financial framework. Combined with the ‘helping by doing’ motto, these four principles were at the heart of our strategic concept for the new website. A crucial aspect of the strategy was our decision to base the new site entirely on a ‘smart chat bot’. Being the first company in the Netherlands to introduce this concept underlines the forward-thinking, independent spirit of the brand.


Studio Dumbar was responsible for the concept, interactive, and visual design of the website. Building the site and preparing it to go live was a huge task – a joint effort involving different teams across the company. A key point in the process was the stripping away of all the complex navigation that frequently dominates corporate websites. We developed a clean and easy-to-use website, focused on the specific needs of individual visitors. Developed by Live Presence, the ‘smart chat bot’ improves its knowledge of the industry and its customers with every question asked.


Following some initial setbacks, positive feedback from online visitors quickly went through the roof; the NPS customer satisfaction score increased 50 points to an all-time high. The project also transformed the focus of the business, from an internal focus to a more customer-led focus – an example that has since been followed by many other companies.

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studio dumbar designs a.s.r. the Dutch insurance company with a new conversational platform with chat UI icon design