a.s.r. — A new conversational platform with chat UI

Studio Dumbar was asked to develop an online concept for a.s.r. that would reflect its motto:  ‘helping by doing’.  We developed a clean and easy-to-use website revolving around a smart chat bot, the first of its kind in the Netherlands. Instead of asking the visitor to navigate through all kinds of company information; the website asks one simple question: ‘How may I help you?’. We offer the visitor 5 often used topics or question to get the dialogue started.

Key point in the whole process was to drastically strip away all complex navigation and inside-out-information that normally dominate a company website. By simply asking “how may I help you”, the website completely focuses on the specific need of an individual client. The bot, developed by Live Presence, will continuously improve based on the feed of new questions. 

The first time fix for online users has since gone through the roof and the NPS score (customer satisfaction score) has never been so high.

a.s.r. is one of the biggest and oldest Dutch insurance companies and works closely with a network of independent financial advisors. When it comes to actually buying a product from a.s.r., the visitors are directed to one of the advisors for an appointment. 

Overall, Studio Dumbar was responsible for the concept, interaction and visual design of the website. Building the site to go live was of course a massive joint effort with the whole of a.s.r. in several scrum teams.

Try the new site here (in Dutch!): www.asr.nl

studio dumbar designs a.s.r. the Dutch insurance company with a new conversational platform with chat UI icon design