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Visual identity Motion Strategy

The logistics industry: competition is intense and the margins are paper-thin. Maximising profit and minimising carbon emissions are the key challenges. With this in mind, Connekt created a software product that delivers insightful, easy to understand data on efficiency and carbon footprints. Studio Dumbar was appointed to develop the name and identity for a product with the potential to transform the entire industry.


Our strategic analysis told us that the majority of this market isn’t driven by innovation or tech. The mentality is more traditional and practical. Furthermore, while sustainability is a complex challenge across the industry, many existing tools only address a small part of the problem. We concluded that the product should be positioned as a tangible and accessible tool, directly linked to the business and the frame of reference familiar to logistics companies.


Following the strategy, we avoided ‘tech’ style branding traits in favour of a more familiar, honest, down to earth approach, with both the name and the visual identity inextricably linked to the day-to-day world of logistics. Bold, confident and no-nonsense, the logo is a symbol of Big Mile’s potential to bring about a transformative ‘shift’ in the industry. Visually, it resembles a three-dimensional stack of boxes or shipping containers. The simple colour palette recalls popular hues from the industry (from planes, trains, ships and HGVs to high visibility jackets), while the ‘shift’ motif adds a dynamic feel across the visual identity.


Following extensive testing, the identity launched successfully; logistics companies across the globe are now adopting Big Mile.

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