NPO — Visualising unity in a diverse landscape of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting

The NPO (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep) is the public broadcaster responsible for Holland’s most popular TV and radio. While they are always at the forefront of the Dutch media landscape, as an organisation they have always stayed in the background. Consequently, the public tends to identify with individual channels, shows and personalities, without knowing they are part of the NPO. Studio Dumbar was invited to help them get the recognition they deserve by making their brand more visible.

Our solution reveals its true qualities as a vibrant and vital media organisation. We achieved this by creating a custom typeface in collaboration with type designer Pieter van Rosmalen, combining it with their most recognisable symbol – the NPO diamond. We then developed a more consistent structure across all the TV and radio channel logos, adding the NPO diamond to each of them. As a result, while the organisation remains in the background, it is finally more visible.

We also introduced a fresh and diverse colour palette and integrated images of the nation’s favourite shows and personalities to create a more visible link between the NPO and its most popular programming.