Delft City Marketing — A forward-thinking city with a proud heritage

Known around the world for its famous blue pottery and the domestic scenes of Vermeer, Delft is one of the Netherlands’ most historic cities. However, there is more to Delft than heritage. Today, the city hosts many internationally renowned science and technology companies, and other institutes such as Delft University. Driven by a desire to communicate this distinctive blend of heritage and modernity, Delft appointed Studio Dumbar to design a new visual identity for marketing and promotions.

The logo unites traditional typographic elements with new, custom-designed characters, while the dynamic slashes historically signify an abbreviation. This typographic language is supported by a palette of pictograms based on silhouettes of landmarks and products from the city’s past and present. Employed across the city’s marketing activities, the identity succeeds in celebrating a proud heritage whilst identifying Delft as a modern, forward-thinking city.