NEMO Science Museum — A new playful identity that makes technology accessible to a large audience

NEMO Science Museum, housed in the landmark building designed by Renzo Piano, is famous for its innovative, joyful way to make science understandable for children in the age of 6-14. But not everyone knows that NEMO is also responsible for many other initiatives that make science and technology accessible for all generations. NEMO is the organization behind, for instance, education programs, festivals and online magazine Kennislink, the popular information source for students, teachers and many others.

Where technology develops dynamically and has a big impact on everyones life; NEMO is the organization people can turn to, to stay up-to-date and understand what is going on. To make sure people find their way easily to NEMO, all its activities will be branded under the umbrella brand NEMO.

For this reason, NEMO asked Studio Dumbar to develop a new visual identity. Our answer to the question is a strong identity that intrigues, activates and surprises and strongly increases the visibility of NEMO. The symbol is iconic; clear and instantly recognizable on all communication, from flags to online. It functions like a beacon, just like NEMO itself.