The Dutch Government — The visual identity that integrates all 175 Dutch government organisations

The Rijksoverheid is The Netherlands’ national government. Like all governments, it comprises many institutions – 175 in total, including the Ministries – that combine to serve the common interest. With each organisation carrying a different identity, communications were incoherent, inconsistent and expensive. Driven by a desire to communicate with a clear, recognisable voice, the Rijksoverheid appointed Studio Dumbar to design a new visual identity that would encompass all existing identities.

The main challenge was to strike a balance between ‘rules’ and ‘freedom’. For the ‘rules’, we defined a colour palette, basic layouts and a new typeface in collaboration with type designer Peter Verheul, designed exclusively for the government. Each organisation can employ these elements with a large degree of liberty. Despite this freedom, everything looks like it belongs to one identity.